Welcome to AG Financial Limited

AG Financial Limited aim to be leaders in the evolution of financial markets and the way securities are traded as well as in the development of the tools industry professionals need to succeed.

We are dedicated to sourcing new and exciting opportunities and delivering them to our network of institutional and professional clients. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency and integrity throughout our organisation and to that end, building a team of highly capable, experienced individuals equally committed to the pursuit of our vision.

We are continually engaged in developing the systems that we offer to fund and portfolio managers in order that we should remain at the forefront of what is demanded by money managers across a variety of markets. The goals we have set for ourselves should be perpetual; so that upon reaching even the most significant milestone, our heads are directed firmly towards the future.

AG Financial is listed on the ASX (Ticker AHA) and is the parent company for AG Capital Markets and AGF Funds Management.